Multicoloured metallic confetti

The multicoloured metallic confetti comes packaged in a plastic bag containing 1 kg of confetti. The multicoloured metallic confetti is a fireproof product, made of pvc, of professional quality and slow falling, ideal to enjoy a long show of colours. It is CE certified.

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Multicoloured Metallic Confetti

Characteristics of Multicolored Rectangular Metal Confetti

Multicolored metal confetti is an ideal product for celebrations, with incredible characteristics that make it one of the most popular consumables among event organizers. The main features of metallic confetti include its ability to fly through the air and create an incredible rain effect. This effect is created by the thin sheet of PVC that the metal confetti is made of. Additionally, due to the rectangular shape of the confetti, it falls slowly, increasing the time to enjoy the beautiful effect.

Is it Safe to Use Metal Confetti?

Multicoloured metallic confetti is 100% flame retardant, making it safe to use in all kinds of conditions and alongside other special effect equipment. This feature is crucial, as it is mandatory in closed rooms and eliminates the possibility of creating a fire that could damage people, objects, facilities, animals, and other types of property that may be present. Furthermore, multicolored metallic confetti does not stain, fade, or lose its color when in contact with water or fabrics.

How Does Multicoloured Metal Confetti Come?

Multicolored rectangular metal confetti can be found in 1kg bags.

How Do I Use Multicolored Metal Confetti?

Using multicoloured metallic confetti is very easy. You can throw it by hand, fire it with electric or manual guns, or use other methods such as Big Blaster guns or air machines.

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