|Electric cannons|

In Mister Confetti you can find a wide range of confetti and streamers electric cannons. We have 40cm and 80cm electric cannons with an ample variety of colors and shapes that can be combined to give color to your show. The electric cannons are universal, so you can use them with any confetti machine.

Purchase details

In Mister Confetti’s shop, purchasing is very simple and intuitive. You can buy the electric cannons by unit or in boxes of 20 cannons with a reduced price. The boxes of 20 units are designed for professionals who need to buy a large number of confetti tubes. This way all our customers have access to a reduced price without the need to become a member or register in any database.

Payment options

The payment methods at Mister Confetti are 100% secure as they are managed through a secure payment gateway with data encryption (Redsys). Therefore, you only have to choose among all the products we have on sale, select the ones you like the most, add them to your cart and pay. Very simple and in a few steps.

Electric cannons or confetti tubes are professional products that can be purchased empty or preloaded. The confetti tubes can be loaded with confetti or streamers depending on the effect you want to achieve. Paper confetti, when fired, has a slow drop and a range of 4m to 5m. The streamers have a wider firing length, easily reaching to 8m. All cannons have CE certified according to European Union conformity.

Before activating the cannons it is necessary to take into consideration the following:
– Never store the cannons near heating sources or leave them directly in the sun.
– We recommend that you activate the cannons in spacious places.
– You must take into consideration the height of the space.
– Never target objects, people or animals. Damage to property or health may occur.
– For a greater effect we recommend you target at 45º to achieve a rain effect.

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