Four-Shooter confetti machine. Designed to activate electric confetti cannons of all sizes. 1-year warranty and CE certification.

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The four-triggers confetti machine is designed to activate electric confetti cannons of all sizes. It allows for up to four cannons to be fired simultaneously with a single trigger pull. We offer this amazing, high-quality machine to enhance your events and performances as the perfect ally.

Everything necessary for its inside use

The four-triggers confetti machine includes all the components necessary for its use. Inside the packaging, you will find a Schuko power cable, a DMX cable, a remote control, and an user manual. The confetti electric cannons are not included with the machine, but can be found in our electric confetti cannon section.

Activates cannons of all sizes

The four shot confetti machine is specially designed to activate electric confetti cannons. With it, you can activate confetti cannons of any size, from the smallest 30cm to the largest 80cm.With this machine you could activate up to four electric cannons at once or activate them one by one.

Reduced size and weight of the four shot

The four shot confetti machine has a size of 55x22x19cm. The four confetti launcher weighs 6.5kg. Its combination of performance, weight, and size make this machine a real beast, as with just one device, you can fill your show or party with lots of confetti.

Use it with its remote control

This confetti machine has two usage options. One of them is the remote control. To use it, you just need to make sure that the machine is turned on and configured (check the menu) to use it with the remote control. To make sure it is ready to use, click on the buttons on the remote and check the lights on the top of the machine. If they turn on, your equipment is ready to activate the cannons.

Use the four launcher with DMX console

The confetti four launcher can also be used with a DMX console. The confetti machine has 512 channels for communication with the DMX table and has 8 channels to activate its different shots. To use it in this way, you must configure the machine in the menu. The machine will be operational when the lights on the top turn on when activating the channels from the table.

All our products have CE certification and come with a 1-year warranty. If you want to know more about our machine, we have an article on our blog that clarifies its operation. If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Confetti

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AC 110V – 220V, 60HZ / 50HZ


512 DMX channels, Remotre control



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